About Me

from the heart

As a highly sensitive, introverted and mostly shy person, photography and graphic design accompanied me in the blossoming of beautiful and profound processes.

Something that motivates me deeply when I take photographs is the space that we feel and that we cannot see;  which is in between what we understand and what we do not understand. I perceive it as a common space where a single vibration moves and connects every heart. I have been traveling with my camera for years, capturing photographs of people following their own personal practice, letting their energy flow, becoming one with what surrounds them.


After all these years traveling doing photo shoots, my intention is to go deeper… go deeper into the connection of the heart with the world, and how beings let themselves flow in that space of love.



MonoVisions Awards: 3rd Place – Photo, Fine Art, 2018

MonoVisions Awards: Honorable Mention – Photo, Fine Art, 2020

Instituto Andaluz del Yoga: 1st Place – VI Certamen Internacional, 2020